Welcome to Dialed!

After a year of keeping a low profile building a product that delivers on the vision for Dialed, I am thrilled to announce we’re ready to move onto the next chapter — private beta. To say getting to this point is the result of a year of work is quite an understatement.  It’s been the culmination of over two decades in the productivity software arena, observing the rise in distracted work, and taking the time to think through a solution that addresses the problem at its core. 

I recently heard someone rhetorically ask the question, “Have we reached peak software yet?” While I seriously doubt this to be the case considering the trends, one thing is for certain: we’re facing serious cognitive overload, and it’s neither productive, nor healthy. 

While there are plenty of players attempting to solve this problem, what sets Dialed apart is our unique approach to the problem. Instead of trying to solve the issue of tool overload by adding yet another tool to the mix, Dialed reimagines our digital work environments. Generically we call them “unified digital workspaces” and within our product “Focusboards.” Instead of requiring yet more tools and new behaviors, Focusboards organize existing applications, communications, files, and resources by context. Dialed doesn’t force standardization on anyone, or try to be yet another tool that ‘does it all.’ Alternatively, we are providing a meta-platform that allows knowledge workers to continue using their existing software, but unified into a streamlined, focused environment. Instead of working for our tools, we restore the natural flow of how we want to work and have our tools work for us.

Feedback thus far has been incredible. Overwhelmingly we hear that the problem we are trying to solve is something knowledge workers of all stripes and backgrounds struggle with. Now we need to continue executing in the beta stage of our evolution and meet the needs of our initial prospects: project-based freelancers and agencies. 

While all knowledge workers suffer from fragmented, overloaded work environments, freelancers and agencies experience these problems in spades because they: (1) often can’t choose their tools, (2) work on a large number of projects, (3) have many co-collaborators, and (4) grapple with a continuous stream of of all the above.

I’ve been very grateful to meet more people along the way who share in Dialed’s vision, and believe in our project. Our small but focused team is working hard every day to make the vision a reality with the guidance of our extended team.  

While we still have a long way to go, we are confident we’re advancing the Focused Work movement, and I hope you’ll consider joining.