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Tune out distractions and dial in with Focusboards.

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Welcome to Focusboards

By organizing all of your existing tools, relevant communications, files and links by client or project, Focusboards:

  • Eliminate fragmented and distraction-prone work.
  • Eradicate the need to download yet another tool.
  • Allow you to use best of breed tools while avoiding unintentional context switching.
  • Promote focused, productive work.
  • Provide quick and confident navigation among projects.

Focusboards unify your work in three panes. Each pane is built off of familiar interfaces, and are intuitive for knowledge workers of all backgrounds to use.

  • Communication Pane – A communications pane that provides easy access to relevant emails and Slack channels.
  • Resource Pane – A resource pane that stores all of the files, links, and web-based applications you need for the project at hand.
  • Centralized Viewing Pane – A viewing pane that enables you to stay dialed in to one centralized workspace and minimize tab proliferation.
Coming soon: Shared Focusboards

Dialed is currently developing features that will enable users to share and collaborate on part or the entirety of their Focusboards. This will:

  • Provide clarity, focus, and alignment for collaborative teams.
  • Eliminate ambiguity surrounding tools, communication, sources of record, and document versions.
  • Allow new teammates to quickly ramp up on projects.
  • Streamline meetings by ensuring everyone is on the same page.

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