Dialed launches worlds first Unified Digital Workspace platform to help knowledge works find focus

The Dialed platform tackles the challenge of distracted work, which costs US businesses $650 billion each year

BOULDER, Colo. (July 21, 2020) — Dialed, a software platform designed to end distraction and promote focus in the workplace, announced today the launch of its Unified Digital Workspace platform. The platform provides freelancers, agencies and businesses with a solution to increase productivity and job satisfaction.

“There are thousands of applications available in the modern workplace today. While many of them are helpful on an individual basis, collectively workers face a disjointed and distracting environment that harms business performance,” said Brad Norris, co-founder and CEO of Dialed. “Dialed is the first platform designed from the ground up to integrate web-based applications to deliver a unified view of what matters most, tune out distractions and enable thoughtful, meaningful work.”

The platform curates and organizes users’ existing emails, chats, documents, links and applications into Focusboards, which are organized by client or project. Importantly, Focusboards are platform agnostic and require no new behaviors. Instead, they empower knowledge workers to use whatever tools they already use, in a familiar, organized interface.

While most employees switch back and forth between applications up to 10 times each hour, wasting up to two hours per day responding to notifications and dealing with interruptions, Dialed’s Focusboards present a unique solution to a widespread and growing problem. In an age of constant, reactive communication, application overload and tab proliferation, knowledge workers fight an uphill battle to get work done. 

“Work-related overload and distractions are very real and can be very costly to businesses. If you extrapolate out the numbers, this problem is costing an average $10,000 per knowledge worker per year, which amounts to over $650 billion in the U.S. alone,” added Norris. “Modern work is hard enough without the waste of time and associated frustrations that inevitably come with constantly jumping from application to application to accomplish anything. We’re very excited to be receiving such great feedback from freelancers and agencies, and our efforts are now focused on continuing to incorporate and build on this input to create the best possible platform.”

Dialed is currently onboarding qualified beta users, including testing with multiple leading advertising and public relations agencies with diverse digital marketing capabilities. The initial response from users has been overwhelmingly positive. 


“Collaboration tools are part of our everyday work, but being productive can be difficult as  each client requires different tools and approaches that result in too many distractions,” said Guy Murrel, principal at Catapult PR. “With Dialed, it organizes our work by client and almost magically presents the relevant documents and communication we need to focus more and waste less time. Having a unified digital workspace is the future of work.”

“Dialed gives me the peace of mind knowing I have everything in one place and I won’t be spending time searching through emails, documents, Slack messages, etc. on a regular basis to find what I need.” said Kanika Misra, managing director at BedaBeda Growth, a data-driven growth marketing company.

“When Dialed presented their story, it instantly resonated for me and my team at SoCap Agency. We are always looking for solutions that help us deliver the highest quality services to our clients and Dialed’s platform for focused work significantly reduces the time searching for files and resources across our active customer projects,” said Eric Sutfin, CMO at SoCap Agency.

Dialed is backed by angel funding from former executives of Rally Software, VictorOps and other productivity software veterans. The company will be pursuing additional funding for growth and expansion efforts in the future. For more information about the platform or to join the beta test, please visit www.Dialed.ai.

About Dialed

Dialed is a software platform designed to end distraction and promote focus in the workplace. Geared towards knowledge workers and companies with a high number of projects, Dialed is the first software platform designed to curate and organize users’ existing emails, chats, documents, notes and applications into a Unified Digital Workspace. By assembling all relevant information in one place and requiring no new behaviors, knowledge workers are able to do their best work because they are confident they have everything they need to complete the task at hand — and nothing extra. For more information, please visit www.dialed.ai.