About Us

About Us

We could tell you a long story about our background and the epiphany moment for Dialed, but we’d prefer to deliver on our core promise: to cut down the noise and empower modern knowledge workers to focus on their best work. 

Illustration of a team of people sitting at a table having a meeting

To that end, here’s the stripped down, straightforward truth of how knowledge work has changed over the last decade:

  • On-demand Assembly of Skills and Teams – The rigid structures of traditional hierarchical enterprises with captive teams are losing ground to flexible organizations that have the freedom to assemble the right teams when/how they need them.
  • Geographic and Organizational Boundaries Are Blurring – Today, it’s easier than ever to assemble the right skills regardless of geography or organization.
  • Cloud First Digital Ecosystems – Cloud-only digital ecosystems make collaboration and sharing across heterogeneous collaborator types easier than ever.
  • The Explosion of Tools – Cloud-based application development has driven an explosion of point specific tools.
  • The Democratization of IT – Workers no longer inherit mandatory tools. Instead, they are empowered to select the tools they prefer and are best suited to the situation.
  • Remote Work – Congregation in physical offices is no longer required and is sometimes discouraged.

These trends are creating new work paradigms that offer the opportunity to unlock more freedom, efficiency, and personal satisfaction. However, there are a number of challenges that plague this new digital landscape:

  • Bringing Order Among the Chaos – With the many combinations of tools and communications, some workers are left coping with an overwhelming complexity that’s not compatible with the human mind.
  • Separating the Signal from the Noise – How can technology help us filter what we need and don’t need in the face of limitless data and communication?
  • Clarity Among Teams – How can teams reach working agreements on which tools are being used when?
  • Access and Security – How can we ensure the proper access and security is provided among the very fluid ecosystem of people, tools and sources of record.


Illustration of a team of people sitting at a table having a meeting
We all want to do our best work. We want to feel inspired, engaged, and responsible for our creations. But with all of the distractions competing for our attention, knowledge work in the modern digital workplace has become disjointed, frantic, and frustrating.

The explosion of tools and applications thrown at the problem have just made it worse. Dialed’s promise, from the very start, has been simple: minimize the noise, so that individuals and teams can take back their focus.
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Dialed’s Focusboards are the intuitive, human-centered response to this paradigm shift. Don’t believe us? Try one out today.