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Illustration of a frustrated woman with her laptop in front of her and a clock in the background

Gain An Hour Back Every Day

The average knowledge worker today is losing at least an hour every day switching contexts.

No matter how organized you are, working across dozens of tools, drives, tabs, and communication channels inevitably leads to time lost and fragmented focus.

End Distraction

We know information and tool overload is a problem. But we accept the status quo, because we don’t  think there’s any other way.

There’s all sorts of software out there that claims it will keep us on track. But none of these solutions  actually solve the problem, because they end up  falling for the same trick. They try to do it all.

They compete for our attention.
Woman at messy desk busy at work
Illustration of a desk with a laptop, plant and a coffee mug with an open window in the background

Find Focus

We don’t need another tool.

What we need is a space that allows us to use all of the tools and resources we already use, organized into one simple, intuitive tab.

We need Focusboards.

In three clicks, you can reclaim your time and focus.